Wednesday 29 August 2012

'Pirate Wedding Theme' Enjoy the ride full of Adventure

You may have the option of celebrating your wedding in an adventurous way if you are a great fan of Jack Sparrow and many others like him…

Your dream of having a different style of marriage can be easily fulfilled with this wedding theme as this wedding idea has not been still used by many of the couples.

The wedding ideas for all the items starting from the Invitation cards to the wedding favors are provided for you:

Invitation Cards

You may think of embossing the name of the pirate on the top with the help of cursive characters. For making the wedding theme more understandable, treasured torso, traditional map, beach, and ship are some of the more additions that you should print on the wedding invitation. Along with all these, make the invitation card more like an old document and after rolling up the paper that can be placed in a bottle or can be tied by a rope.


A hotel having a beach front can be selected having all the facilities of outdoor so that the guests can have the enjoyment of surfing at the beach and the sand. A yacht can also be hired for having the experience of the sea that will be adventurous and exciting.

Wedding Decoration

A slip describing the facts about pirates can be putted over each of the table for your guests which can also be considered for wedding favors.

 Coins which have been wrapped in golden color, chains of artificial gemstones, treasured torso which can easily purchased from the stores for party supplies can be used for the wedding decoration.

Fish nets can be hanged on the walls along with flags of cross bones and fly skulls giving a dangerous effect that will be most suitable for the Pirate wedding theme. Moreover torches can be arranged with the combination of iridescent flames of lights for making a striking atmosphere.


Wedding centerpieces can have the pirate effect by filling some of the emulating ice and beads of the styles of confetti of white color and the whole of the arrangement can be putted down in small bottles of the old and traditional style.

A large jewels trunk can be used as a wedding centerpiece by filling it with artificial coins of gold. One of the best idea for the wedding centerpiece can be of naming each table on the name of a ship of pirate with the kind of model of the ship on that table.

Wedding Dress

You may order for a pirate wedding dress online or may purchase it from a local store and if you have ordered for a designer dress, then you can have the option of neck line that is off the shoulder with a pirate kind of tangled skirt and the color that you may choose for is ivory that will be enough for providing a momentous look.

Wedding Cake 

One of the wonderful imaginative wedding cake ideas that I want to share with you is to embody it with the waves of the ocean in an unusual way by decorating it with icing of pastel blue color. For adding more of the effect of islands flowers, blooming flowers can be used for depicting.


Manners having a table feast does not sound nice when we talk about the Pirate style, so it would be better to go with a dinner of buffet style. The main item to include consists of all types of wedding drinks especially the alcoholic one along with finger food items, vegetable stew, shish kabobs that are made by roasting tofu and vegetables, seafood, rolls that are having the flavor of herbs and finally a dessert much like of the style of cocktail.

Wedding Favors

One of the main pirate wedding favor idea is to present pencils and pen embossed with the design of your favorite pirate designs. You may add to have your name and date of wedding along with it to make the wedding favor more personalized.

I hope you will like all these wedding ideas and if not all might want to follow some of these for your pirate wedding theme… 

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  1. It seems very interesting theme that quite shocking to read this information. Wedding dress looks like pirates of Caribbean dress,invitation cards ideas are really awesome and creative.

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