Wednesday, 30 January 2013

'Groom boutonniere' Getting attention of all

One of the personality statements of any of the groom can be used as his personal style can be judged with the help of one of the smaller wedding dress accessories of the bridegroom and that is the GROOM BOUTONNIERE…

 White Silk Rose Boutonniere
White Silk Rose Boutonniere
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Red Silk Rose Boutonniere
Red Silk Rose Boutonniere

Off White Silk Roses and Satin Lilies Premade Flower Corsages or Boutonnieres for Wedding

In general, any of the option starting from the miniature guitars and ending at the exotic species of wedding flowers can be chosen by the groom to be used for this wedding accessory about which we are having this discussion.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding flower is the best choice and is one of the most commonly used choice for boutonnieres and this needs important consideration as which of the wedding flowers among a long list should be chosen for any of particular groom.

Marco Prom Boutonniere

According to one of the criteria, the thing that should be considered while choosing for it is to know the details of the bridal flowers and to make the final choice accordingly. This has one of the advantage over choosing the one for yourself and that is generally the choice of the brides is nice and thus the wedding ideas depending on that should also has to be good.

Ivory Silk Rose Boutonniere
Ivory Silk Rose Boutonniere

This will also provide the romantic touch to the wedding as the same styles and colors have been chosen by the couple which will make a good combination for others also to have a look and feel.

Danita Delimont - Weddings - MA, Boston, Grooms boutonniere, wedding

One of the main wedding ideas of using the boutonniere for the wedding attire of groom is to make a unique fashion statement as the options are very vast to choose from and you may go with any of the uniquely think one.

Following are the options among which you may choose for which includes:

  • Minuscule carnation
  • Freesia
  • Stephanotis
  • Rosebud

These all are single blossoms flowers that can be used independently and is big enough for providing the overall effect as a whole. It looks to be more impressive if you are going with the unusual boutonniere on a funny note that will definitely strike the guests.

Shell Boutonniere

Shell Boutonniere
You may also go with the smaller, clear and simpler style that may include the adornment of nuts or herbs with the smaller blossoms. And for making it more attractive, you may go with the option of using the following things:
  • Ribbons
  • Leaves of roses
  • Floral Tape
  • Floral wire
  • Wedding flowers
  • Babies breath
Calla lily is one of the choice that is light and can be used easily without any of the self staining process and can be used with the help of both the methods either singly or in the combination of other wedding flower. Along with calla lily, you can have the choices of berries that have autumnal presence also. 

Green Corsage and Boutonniere Wired Leaves - 12 Leaves

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Thistles of blossoms or acorn or ivy twigs can also be used as wrapping materials for the boutonnieres along with the usage of ribbons. One of the way to make something interesting the overall view is to make some of the lovely notes along with the boutonnieres and some of the artistic options that you may go for with some of your creative ideas.  

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Friday, 25 January 2013

Fairytale Wedding Festival

Get ready for the fest that you might be waiting for and this year’s first one is going to be held on 3rd of February and definitely you want to know the name of the show, so let’s take out the hidden suspense and that is Fairytale Wedding Festival.

Fairytale Wedding Festival

All of the wedding experts at one place and all of the big suggestions regarding any of the queries of wedding preparation and for wedding to do list also provided at the same pace. The main thing is that all of the wedding suggestions are provided by the experts personally that can add a different limelight to the wedding preparations.

Fairytale Wedding Festival

You will get a planning experience for the wedding arrangements that you can get not like this and not with so much confidence. All the visitors will get a great chance to meet the professionals of their own field in personal and can ask any of their queries regarding the same and can easily explore many of the hidden facts.

Fairytale Wedding Festival Location

You will also get the results of various competitions in which you can take part and if your get selected, then you may be provided with the gifts. Along with this, you may get a lucky chance of getting free samples and for exclusively given Festive offers of various kinds.

Fairytale Wedding Festival

The main compilation that I am talking about includes the following stuff that is all time favorites of all of the brides:

  • Bridal Dresses
  • Bridegroom dresses
  • Florist Ideas
  • Wedding cake ideas
  • Engagement rings
  • Honeymoons packages
  • Wedding Photos Ideas

Wedding accessories and many other things which will be your surprise offer of attending the same!!!

All of the brides will get a free entry among others… Special preference. And the free Goddie bags will also be provided. Now I wish I would be able to go there!!!

Timings - 10:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Address - Elme Hall Hotel 68 Elme High Road Wisbech Cambridgeshire

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Vintage Bridal Week

Starting from today i.e. 23 January and going to be held for the next three days till 26 of February, Vintage Bridal Week from the side of The Pocket Library has gain a lot of popularity which it deserves due to many of the following reasons as mentioned ahead in our on going discussion… 

London Vintage Wedding Week

And do you know the first bridal week for the year is going to be held where??? At the famous place of Notting Hill Boutique of one of the best bridal magazines of US, BRIDES. Brides have just got a chance to play with a lot of choices that will be provided there specially for them. After all, brides have the right to do that!!!

As I have said earlier one of the best reasons that is sufficient for the brides to get involved in this is that the bridal dresses that are going to be displayed in this wedding show are from the resources that come under the popular choices for its designs in London. And this is collection of desirable and varied features…

Wedding Dress

The main thing for which I bet all of the brides want to focus on are the wedding dresses that includes the stuffing of the following dresses at
The Pocket Library:

  • Edwardian lace wedding dresses
  • 1920’s beaded-flapper shift dresses
  • 1930’s Chiffon tea-dresses and bias-cut lace gowns
  • 1940's crepe-satin wedding gowns
  • 1950's lace and satin wedding dresses
  • 1960's wiggle shifts

Unique 'made to order' option for Original dresses

This list of the wedding-dresses that has been mentioned above is not the only point of attraction but one more thing is that the original wedding dresses of the vintage period are also being displayed and all the attendees can have a look of it.

There may be a case that you might like one of the wedding dresses and want to have a one for yourself. Let me help you on this matter by telling that there is a provision for availing a personalized newer wedding dress that is exactly like that one. JUST AMAZING!!!!

Thus overall you are able to make an order for yourself for the same wedding dress that you have seen in the wedding show and you can have the following additions:

  • Colors of you choice
  • Measurements
  • Carefully sourced fabrics
  • Original vintage laces

Just as the vintage wedding accessories, you can have one for yourself from the following:

  • Bags
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Feather cover ups

And you will be given full assistance for the alteration of your wedding dress you choose for along with the purchase of it. The prices of the original dresses starts from £600 - £2000+. And the ‘made to order’ dresses ranges from £1400 and above it.

Timing for the wedding show: 11am - 7pm
Dates for the wedding show: Wednesday - Saturday Made to order dresses start from £1400

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

‘Exclusive Feast Wedding Ideas’ Try for having some difference…

Wedding feast is one of the wedding arrangements that you are always not sure to fix it in one go as you are confused about the taste and flavors that will be liked by your guests. And this is also a way of increasing your to do list…

Unique Wedding Food Ideas

You don’t know all the things and don’t worry if your ideas and tastes for the wedding feast have been decided without knowing the favorites of most of your wedding guests. If you are making all of the wedding arrangements in a view to be liked by all, then it will surely work as you have given so much of your hard work.

Now, form my side I want to suggest you some of the unique items that can be included for increasing the percentage to be liked by all. And we will have a look of all of them one by one in this post as we will proceed. Include them as per your criteria and prepare it all in a fun way and finalize your menu.



The couple who wants to arrange a little bit of tastes from a lot of options, and thus want a mixing of all the flavors have liked this item very much and are now a day’s using it in their wedding feast. 


These are provided in small plates that is full of the burst of the flavor that is enough for bursting the amount of a lot of yummy tastes within the mouth of all of the eaters or more lightly we can say your friends. 

The option that you may choose from may start from: barbecued mini ribs, 
then ceviche, 
And finally ending at empanadas. 

Spanish tapas

The only thing that comes up with this is that this is one of the wedding ideas that is generally not sufficient to fill their stomach to a larger extent. So, for this item we can say that this is the food with a lot of quality as compared to the quantity!!!



Are most your friends and relatives generally fond of finicky nature while considering any of the things starting from the wedding dresses, wedding decoration, wedding flowers and at last the most important thing i.e. wedding feast???

Grilled Cheese

Then it is one of the solution for them only… FOR THOSE WHO ARE PICKY!!! Grilled cheese sandwich or any of the dish with grilled cheese..  For the selection of the items to be mixed within it, the things that can be considered includes pear, honey and brie. This is the nontraditional selections which are sufficient to make it unique. 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

And if your want to add a flavor of traditional items also then you make go for your way by having tomatoes and bacons. This will be one of the thing that is really different from traditional foods that might bore your wedding guest if they like to search for newer things.

Stone fired pizzas

Stone fired pizzas

NOW has come up one of the way of personalizing things for your wedding guests and providing them a way of choosing from a lot of the food items options given in all. And the choice can be set to consists of a difference with the help of the different flavors of different favors of toppings on the little pies. Don’t seems to be yummy!



For incorporating the dietetic preference of both veg and non-veg guests, one of the best option that you can have in the list of the preparation of your wedding feast is the usage of the wok cooking station. 

This is the option that makes all comfortable with the preparation methods of the food and thus the wedding food seems to be trustworthy for them. Moreover, there seems to be no problems like that of allergies that is the criteria of dietary supplements for some of the people.  

And finally, we can say that they have got the chance for selecting their choice for themselves and thus will feel precious and happy about this. 

I hope you would have find out something for you and that is also somehow different form the boring and traditional choice of the dishes of the fishes and chicken. 

One more thing I want to include is to say that this can be one of your treat for your wedding guests that is sufficient for pleasing most of them. I will be back soon for adding some more stuff of exclusive food items in my newer posts… 

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Friday, 11 January 2013

Wedding Gifts

For creating the liveliness and effervescence to the special day of the bride and groom and for giving them a feeling that can be kept by them for the rest of their life, there is an ultimate way of wedding gifts…

Malden Mr. & Mrs. Medal Wedding Frame

Wedding Gift

Wedding gift

The most important thing that can be said for the wedding gifts comes under the best way of symbolizing your love and concern for the couple and for giving your blessings to them.

Sale - Bond of Marriage Sculpture - Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gift

Wedding Gift

If we get started from the gift that can be given to the bridegroom then there are a number of options that includes the following:

  • Mobile phones
  • iPod
  • Digital camera
  • MP3 player 
  • Watches
  • Perfumes 

Now coming to the wedding gift that can be given to the bride, the gifts should be more like the choice that can be liked by her and I think you will agree upon the items of jewelry that are the most favorite choices of any women. And those include:

  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Pendants 
  • Pearls 
  • Bracelets
Wedding Gift

Now moving towards the wedding gifts that can be given to the couple you may consider the wedding flowers that has to be chosen to be matched with the dressing and style of the wedding dresses of the couple if you want to amaze them.

Chocolates and perfumes or we can say sweets are the common choices that are preferred by most of the people or wedding guests and this is generally liked by all of the persons.

Wedding gift
There are some of the items of the home decorations that can be used for decorating the house of the newly wedded couple and that may include:

  • Piece of art or canvas
  • Wedding invitation of couple framed beautifully
  • Gorgeous vases
  • Table cloth
  • Bed cover
  • Attractive quilts

Above all there is one of the things that can be made to be a best fit for the wedding couple and that is to give the customized and personalized gift. This gift is generally given by those for which the bride or the groom is really precious and due to which they want them to feel special to them.

Wedding Gift

The idea of personalized wedding gift needs some of your creativity and time for the collection of the photos of the bride or the groom or both of them. And for this you have to do some of the creativity work for them.

wedding gift

Wedding gift is the means of presenting your love and feeling for the couple for which you have to search for something special that needs some of you creativity and ideas that you thing might be liked by the special couple. 

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

“Wedding Flowers” A way of giving festive mood to Wedding

One of the main criteria of making an impact of the romance in the wedding and to make out for the bride and groom is to make fantastic wedding arrangements of the wedding flowers…

Wilton French Rose Wedding Bouquet, Natural

Wedding Flower
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600pc Dark Purple Silk Rose Petals Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flower

Ivory Cream Rose Ball Wedding Flower Decoration 

Wedding Flower

The main aim of the wedding preparation is to have an outlook that is sufficient in spreading the cheerful and festive feeling all around and for that you have to make a lot of preparations of the wedding decoration and in which the most important part is played by the wedding flowers.

The first and basic point to get started on the selection of the wedding flowers is to make the matching with the wedding theme and that is the initial point to get started from…

Types of Wedding Flowers 

Flower Balls Dark Pink Wedding Decorations

Wedding Flower

The main wedding flowers that can be judged and set for your wedding may include roses, chrysanthemum, dahlia, sunflower, lilies, camellias, baby breath and many more…

You need to specify your own specifications for the wedding flowers for the wedding that includes the choice that will be according to the season, availability and most important the choice of the couple of the wedding event.

Cheerful and festive flowers that are brightly colored looks just awesome as per the mood of the seasons wedding and these wedding flowers creates the actual effect of the same filling up of the enjoyment within all.

For the starting part of the wedding decoration, you can get started from the main entrance area that can be filled up with the stuff different and beautiful flowering arrangement that can impress you wedding guests. There can be attached some of the hangings styles of the wedding flowers with the help of the ceilings of the wall.

One of the main example of the usage of the wedding flowers that we cannot deny from neither we can leave form discussing is the use of wedding flowers in the wedding bouquets. This is one of the main wedding accessories that are hold by the bride during the walking down the aisle that has to be matched with the wedding dress of the bride.

This is one of the discussion that has been done on the importance of the wedding flowers and this is one of the most important coverings for the completion of the Wedding decoration and making your guests to be amazed.

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Friday, 4 January 2013

Wedding Songs

When it comes to the entertainment in any of the occasions or any type of grand events, none other than the music or songs can take the initiative on their own and these are sufficient for creating the magical effect…

Wedding Songs

Canon in D

Wedding Songs

25 Wedding Favorites

Wedding Songs

Wedding songs are the medium of sharing your feelings of the wedding parties of the bride and the groom with the wedding guests. As like listening different styles of the wedding songs for different moments of the wedding particularly suitable for that will make its best way in the hearts of the wedding guests.

Romantic wedding songs are the backbone of the any of the wedding that should be according to the wedding theme also but there are some of the categories that have been set up for creation of the effect and those are as below:

  • Prelude songs – While the wedding guests have started coming and ready for taking their respective seats
  • Processional songs – Wedding songs that are played when the guests have taken their seats and have made themselves comfortable after finding their respective seats
  • Bride’s Entrance songs - Music that is played when the bride walks down the aisle
  • Interlude songs -  These are the wedding songs that are played in between during the happening of any of the special actions like the lighting the unity candle
  • Recessional songs – Music when its being the leaving time for the bride and groom along with the wedding party
  • Postlude Songs – Now its the time of leaving of the wedding guests 

Wedding Songs

We have seen many of the different types of the wedding songs that are famous and are generally used during the wedding ceremony but there are many of the other names that can be given under sub categories on which we will have a talk later on.

The Knot Collection of Ceremony and Wedding Music Selected by the Knot's Carley Roney

Wedding Songs

All of the wedding songs are also a way of separating one of the event from the other one along with the entertainment that cannot be replaced by any other thing and thus a compulsion on everybody!!!

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